Puente Flamenco



Lonnie Chu – vocals,   David Chu – guitar

Having had well over 1000 music performances over the last nine plus years that have covered every kind of music from classical to hard rock, we at Mocha Maya were very excited to find Puente Flamenco as they were a first rate act as well as being wonderful people to work with. Puente Flamenco brought an electricity and energy to the room that only flamenco music can do when it is played by true professionals. They quickly had the attention of the room and inspired several groups to dance, making for a fun and lively performance. We would not hesitate to book them again and are eager for them to move to New England area so that they could become a regular act for us.”

Chris King, Mocha Maya’s, Shelburne Falls, MA

“Lonnie and David Chu have taken on one of the most challenging forms of music in our time, Flamenco. Flamenco arts have been a source of magic in my life for well over fifty years, and it was particularly gratifying to meet and hear these modern day practitioners of this art form. They are faithful to the traditions with Lonnie’s clear soulful singing (Cante) layered over David’s intricate guitar virtuosity (Toque). I highly recommend an evening of their musical offerings.”

Dennis Willmott, Vermont-based flamenco guitarist and blues bandleader, Left Eye Jump Blues Band